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Other Services


The most popular services that are offered deal with:

  • The Study & Work Program to attain Permanent Residency in Canada.
  • Studying at Elementary or Secondary Schools.
  • Permanent Migration to Canada.
  • Earning an International Bachelor or Master’s Degree from  DeVry University (On Campus, Online, or Both)

Canadian Services

The process of applying to Immigration and/or Study in Canada often arises from a well-planned decision to improve one’s livelihood and to provide the applicant with options which are potentially life-long for the accompanying family members involved.

The process of assessment requires a thorough understanding of laws and regulations which are regularly being revised, and policies and procedures are modified on a weekly basis to meet the objectives of the current Government of the day.  It suffices to state that the rights of applicants are enhanced when using Immigration Counsel and Education Agent.

Applicants seeking to relocate do realize that they cannot afford to make any mistakes during the application process.  Consider the following:

  1. Relocating to Canada can be extremely complex, which involves money, as well as years of time, energy, emotion and future plans which may be affected.
  2. Resettlement is not part of one’s daily routine, therefore one cannot afford to learn the laws and procedures himself or use his family as a test case.
  3. I only provide specialized services tailored to meet your needs, unlike the generalized large multi-national corporations with local branch offices offering a one-size-fits-all shotgun approach for migration to any and all countries.
  4. Inexperienced individuals may do something that unknowingly derails an application.
  5. One may not know whether a mistake has been made, especially a critical one, until many months later.
  6. I can provide an error-free application package.
  7. Problems may be encountered along the way that can delay your case.
  8. Expert advice leads to an increased Acceptance Rate and shorter Processing Time.
  9. Knowledge of the Canadian education system provides additional insight.


Jamaica 2 Canada