Jamaica 2 Canada




  • Congratulations are extended to K. Brown (Manchester) for being awarded a Scholarship to study at Humber College (June 29, 2011).
  • Congratulations are extended to J. Benlas (St. Ann) as the receipient of the Gordon “Butch” Stewart Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership at Humber College (2012).
  • Congratulations are extended to R. Thomas (Kingston) for being awarded a FULL Scholarship (including Tuition, Room & Board, Transportation to and in Toronto, and a Monthly Allowance for the ENTIRE two-year duration of the program at Seneca College (September 2012)!
  • Congratulations are extended to P. Woolcock (Clarendon) for being awarded a Scholarship to attend Humber College (September 2012)!
  • Congratulations are extended to K. Douglas (Kingston) for being awarded a Scholarship to attend Humber College (January 2013)!
  • Congratulations are extended to D. Wilson (Kingston) for being awarded a Scholarship to attend Humber College (September 2012)!
  • Congratulations are extended to Danique Williams (St. Ann), who graduated in June 2012 from the Corporate Communications & Public Relations program at Centennial College, who has won the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for 2012.  The award is given by the Dean to a student in each program in the School of Communications, Media & Design who has shown leadership in all areas of the program.  The award acknowledges Danique’s dedication to improving the program and volunteerism throughout her time at Centennial College. It also recognizes her out-of-the-box thinking about ways Centennial can improve its presence in her home country of Jamaica.
  • Congratulations to S. Forbes (St. Catherine) on being offered a scholarship to study at Humber College (September 2013)!
  • Congratulations to R. Knight (Clarendon) for being offered a scholarship to attend Humber College (January 2014)!

  • Congratulations are extended to S. Smith on being offered a scholarship to study at Humber College (June 2014)!
  • Congratulations are extended to D. L-Bennett on being offered a scholarship to study at Humber College (June 2014)!
  • Congratulations are extended to C. Green on being offered a scholarship to study at Humber College (June 2014)!
  • Congratulations are extended to T. G. on being offered a scholarship to study at Fanshawe College (October 2014)!

Award J. Benlas


  • J. states: “Hello Mr. Brown,  Thank you so much for your very quick response, all is well with me and I hope the same with you.  I definitely wish to have you as the representative in all aspects, I need no other options, I know you are the absolute best at what you do, I also know you are the only expert legal representative in this regard, I literally hear people talk about you on the streets of Scarborough, I was at the Centennial Progress Campus yesterday and your name kept coming up and I felt pride and comfort, knowing that you will be my daughter’s representative for the study permit as well.”
  • N.M. states: “Good Day Mr. Brown, Let me take the time to give credit where it is due. I must tell you that my entire family (both here and Canada) are rather impressed with your service and the results. You have done what other Canadian Immigration Lawyers could not do. Continue to excel as your knowledge and experience speaks for Jamaica2Canada. I have recommended you to some of my family, friends and co-workers whom may have contacted you already.  Thanks again.”
  • Y.B. states: “Good morning Mr. Brown:  I am so excited and i want to say a big thank you. I cant find the words to express what i really want yo say. I am overjoyed.  Thanks again for representing me.  I will drop off the passport on Tuesday at your office. Enjoy the rest of the day.  I send the questions to you in short order. Thanks again Mr. Brown.”
  • S.T. states: “Hello Mr. Brown,  Thank you for assisting me with my application to the school. I appreciate everything you have done throughout the process and you played a very big role in making my dream become a reality. I can’t thank you and your team enough.  I leave for Canada on Thursday and I hope all goes well for me. Continue offering your services and helping others who have dreams just the way  I did. Thank you Sir!”
  • T.A. states: “Mr. Brown: I want to express my sincerest gratitude in the tenacious efforts you have put into making sure that I got into school smoothly without any major hiccups. The level of professionalism was on par and the fact that you have gone above and beyond is commendable.  Thanks again and wish you all the best in your endeavors, shaping the lives of future prospects.” 
  • A.L. states: “Good day:  Thank you for your service and work in this discourse so far, I’m ecstatic about this and just big up you self Mr Brown.”
  • O.M. states: “Hi Mr. Brown,  I would like to thank you for all the help you have offered with the college and embassy application. The information and advice you provided, boosted my confidence throughout the process. Your assistance has been vital and I greatly appreciate it. I’m happy to say I’ve received my passport today. Again, thank you very much; I will definitely recommend others to use the services you offer. “
  • S.W. states: “Good evening Mr Brown, Thank you so very much for your services ! I sincerely appreciate all your efforts.  I have arrived safely in Canada and I have received both my study and work permits. Again , many thanks sir . Happy New Year!”
  • L.D. states: “Good Day,  Sincerest thank you. I know this is only possible because of your assistance.”
  • D.J. states: “Good day Mr Brown,  I have landed safely in Toronto, Canada; and will now take required steps to get properly matriculated at Centennial, Progress Campus. I will visit the International Office to schedule my classes, ASAP.   Thank you for your assistance in this journey that will, no doubt, bring some challenges. I will be in touch for advice/updates, as such become necessary. Very well appreciated.”
  • K.B. states: “Hi Antonn, All the best for the new year and I hope it will bring you continued success.   I am in receipt of my passport now and thank you for all you have done at one point I thought I wouldn’t have made it but I did thanks to your amazing efforts. Also I would like the requirements for the processing of the visas for my son and husband. I would love to start that right away. Thanks again Antonn do enjoy the rest of your day.”
  • N.C. states: “Hello Mr. Brown, Thank you for the exceptional professional services you provided in getting study permits for both me and my son. We are now one step away from our arrival and subsequent Canadian experience, we are looking forward to a productive time.  We’re now in the process of seeking accommodation.”
  • K.W. states: Thank you Mr. Brown for the receipt.  I also wish to take this opportunity to thank your for the work that you did.with my application, me and my family are truly grateful.  I have referred three (3) very interested persons to you thus far and won’t hesitate to continue doing so in the future.”
  • D.J. states: “Good day Sir,  Thanks for recommending Centennial College for my studies. So far, I feel very welcomed. I think this place is largely a about students having a great learning experience, which is what I was looking for when I thought about further studies and professional development. Thanks again. I will keep in touch. “
  • S.S. states: “Hello Mr. Brown, I arrived in Canada. I also received my work and study permits. Thank you for all your help. It is greatly appreciated.  I have referred some persons to you. All the best with your future endeavours.”
  • J.C. states: “Good Morning Mr Brown,  I am super elated!!! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance throughout this process. I am truly grateful. You are awesome! Thank you!”
  • P.M. states:  “Seasons greetings Mr. Brown.  Hope you have a great  holiday.  My husband and I are expressing our gratitude on your assistance. He has received the work permit to be with me while I study.  Thanks again.”
  • K.C. states: “Good day Mr. Brown, I have successfully registered for my program and classes will begin next Tuesday. I received my SIN, study and work permit and is currently settling in. Thank you once again for your guidance and your advice.”
  • C.D. states: “Good Day Mr. Brown:  On behalf of myself and my family I would like to extend deepest heart felt thanks and gratitude for assisting me in obtaining my school acceptance and my study visa to further my education at the Humber College. I am one step further to my future goals and this would not have been possible without your help and guidance.”
  • S.F. states: “Dear Mr Brown,  On behalf of my mother and my aunt abroad we want to say a big big big thank you including myself. Thank you for the work you’ve done to help me get this big opportunity that I will make use of and be successful thanks a lot. No words cant explain how am feeling so happy once again thank you.”
  • A.C. states: “Thank you very much for your assistance with the process. I truly appreciate your work and effort. I am hoping that next Monday or Tuesday wont be too late for school.  Trying my best to leave the country by Saturday or Sunday the latest.  God Bless you and your business.”
  • T.S. states: “Hello good day Mr.Brown I’m just thanking you for  this opportunity I have arrived in Canada safely and getting to know the place today is my 1st day at the College orientation I thank you for this opportunity and will make you proud and also my family will be proud as well and I will definitely be contacting you back after the I have finish my program so I can get my papers to stay here and work thank you again. Sent from my iPhone”
  • O.Y. states: “Hello Mr. Brown. Thank you very much for the services you provided which was instrumental in me obtaining a student visa.  Please continue the professional service.”
  • T.T. states: “Hello Mr.Brown. I have arrived in Canada and It’s great..I Just want to say Thank u again for giving me this opportunity to better my future endeavor.”
  • S.S. states: “Hello Mr. Brown: I want to say a big thank you for representing me well at the embassy. I am so happy and grateful! Thanks a million! I am now in the process of booking a flight.”
  • D.N. states: “Thank you so much Mr Brown. May God bless you and I appreciate your time for obtaining the study permit for me.  I shall surely recommend persons to you.”
  • Y.G. states: “Thank you so much Mr.Brown….really really appreciated…..job well done…..will recommend anybody to you….”
  • S.W. states:  ”I got the Study Permit!?..  OMG… Am so Happy… Thank You So much Mr Brown for everything. I can’t believe.  Thank you Jesus. I will drop it off soon.”
  • K.B. states: “Hello Antonn, Thank you so much, I am so excited to obtain the study permit.  When I come home I guess we can discuss the application for my Husband and Son.”
  • A.T. states: “Good day sir: Hope all is well. I know that you are busy and as am I as I have arrived Canada in good spirits and upon arrival my son and I have been granted study permits I alone have received work permits and S.I.N number hence God is Good. My course have started Tuesday of last week there is about 8 or so Jamaicans in my classroom along with other persons from different countries. We are doing good so far and have settled in our long lost country and again from our hearts to yours and your family we truly appreciate your work. My husband is still in Jamaica ad he opted to stay and support from there but by next year he will join us.
    I have friends that will be making appointments with you Soon so as per usual please extend same courtesy to them. I will end now as I know that you don’t like to read long emails. Again thanks a million.”
  • J.M. states: “That’s excellent news Mr Brown! Thank you, thank you, thank you [for helping me with the study permit]! I’ll come in to your office later today to drop off the passport.”
  • F.T. states: “Good afternoon : Thank you very much for all you’ve done.  I leave on Monday.
     I would like you use your services to apply for my husband. Keep well and thanks again.”
  • A.H. states: “Hello Mr. Brown,  Hope all is well. My fiance and I have nothing but excellent ratings for the service you extend.  As mentioned in previous interaction, I will be utilizing your services again when I apply for an open work permit in January 2018.”
  • N.B. states: “Words can’t  express my gratitude. I got the study permit today picked up from your office. I will continue to refer clients to you.”
  • T.W. states: “Dear Mr. Brown:  I recently got selected through the express entry to submit an application for Permanent Residence.  Thanks for all your help.  I really appreciate your assistance in getting me here and for your continued support on this journey.”
  • C.N. states: “I picked it up the study visa from your office yesterday thanks much for everything again to God be the glory and God bless you and you team.”
  • M.T. states: “Thank you Mr Brown for all your help, I really do appreciate your assistance, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. I will indeed keep in touch and again thank you.  I have arrive safely into Canada Yesterday, I’ll visit the College this week. Thank you again so much.”
  • T.B. states: “Mr Brown:  Thank your very much for your assistance with my Study Permit. A whole new world of opportunities has been open up to me and my family and I intend to grab it with both hands and make the best use of it. I wish you all the best in your endeavors as you keep helping Jamaicans who need an opportunity to better their lives.”
  • T.S. states: “Thank you for the opportunity that you have provided me with sir. Sir I will need your help for the work permit afterwards.”
  • A.B. states: “Yeah!! Antonn!! You are the best!! Thanks so much for helping me get the permit! Now will look for accommodations! What you think is a reasonable rental for student?”
  • S.D. states: “Hello mr brown,  I have drop off my passport by the office.  I must say thanks much for your assistance in allowing me to  get through with the work and study program, i am truly grateful of your support and understanding during the process.  We will talk during the months to come leading up to my departure and  after will let you know how its going when i reach Canada.  thanks again. and i am truly grateful.”
  • N.M states: “Good day Mr. Brown, I have received your email and is with great satisfaction I express my appreciation and gratitude for your service‎ to obtain my Work Permit.  May you continually be blessed with the good work you are doing with assisting others.  Thank you.”
  • K.J. states: “Hi. Mr.Brown, Just letting you know that I received my confirmation for permanent residence yesterday. Thanks again for all the help.”
  • R.B. states: “Dear Mr Brown,  We have received the work permit in the mail on Friday. Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided us with. Thank you for being persistent. Continue to keep up the good work. I love the fact that when I called the office your receptionist couldn’t say much about our case they had to direct me to you. That showed that you deal with each case personally which is evident that you take pride in your work. This made us feel comfortable knowing that a professional was handling our case, as you know we tried doing this on our own but was unsuccessful. Thanks a million times. My husband and I are looking forward to doing business with you in the future. “
  • M.T. states: “Good morning Mr. Brown,  I am writing to express gratitude for your assistance in the processing of my study visa. I wish you and your office success in your endeavors. All the best until. Please convey my regards to your staff for providing excellent customer service throughout the process.”
  • O.B. states: Good night Sir Brown:  I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for your professionalism and on point assistance towards helping me to acquire my study permit.  I am thankful for all the guidance and information offer to me.  I will make the best of the opportunity. May the Lord bless and keep you in the best of health, so you will be able to assist as much of us Jamaica as possible to garner a better education and opportunities to study and work in Canada.”
  • L.B. states: “Mr. Brown:  Thank you sir for getting my kids visas to stay with me in Canada while I study.  You have made me the happiest woman alive.”
  • W.S. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  Firstly, let me express my thanks for assisting me in getting my Study and work permit, and also getting into Humber College. The school really does reflect the words you expressed about its programs. Your assistance made the entire process seamless. I have already told persons to speak with you in this regard.”
  • J.D. states:  ”Mr. Brown:  Again my profound gratitude in you assisting throughout the process and the level of professionalism to which you carry out your task.  I got the passport from Tara on Tuesday of this week. I did orientation today. Again thank you.”
  • S.M. states: “Merry Christmas Mr. Brown!  All the best to you, your family and staff.  I collected my passport. Thank you for all the assistance in helping me to get over this hurdle as I pursue the next chapter of my life.  I shall surely recommend your service to anyone that I know looking for assistance in immigration service.  Big Thank You!!”
  • K.C. states: “Hello Antonn,  Happy New year to you and your family.  I trust that you are having a great day and that your time off was a great one. I am here in Canada getting settled in school. But, want to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you for all your assistance in acquiring the school/study permit. It was defiantly a pleasure working with you.”
  • S.G. states: “Hi Mr. Brown,  Just want to officially thank you for your assistance in getting me into the College. I am now settled and classes officially start on Monday.  On another note, can my common law partner now apply for his open work permit through your office and what would be the cost? Thank you.”
  • J.B. states: “Good night Mr. Brown: Thank you for your assistance with my study permit approval. I truly appreciate all the efforts you have put into making this come through. Thank you for your expert advice and your professional representation in this matter. I saw the email on Tuesday but is now getting the chance to say thanks a lot.”
  • S.B. states: “Thanks Antonn, it was great doing business with you and thanks for expediting it so quickly, I have sent more clients your way from [my employer], if I need assistance when there in order to transition into resident status can I contact you?”
  • V.C. states: “Good Morning Mr. Brown,  We received the work permit in the mail. Thank you for your support.”
  • S.R. states: “Good morning Mr. Brown:  how are you.l am letting you know
    I arrived safely in Toronto and was given my work permit and also my study permit.
    thanks again have a peaceful holiday and a bless new year.”
  • V.B. states: “Good afternoon Mr Brown. How are you doing? I received the passport and is leaving the country today. I just want to extend a big thank you to you and your staff. I really appreciate it, you have helped me on reaching my path to success. God bless you all.”
  • G. states: “Dear Mr. Brown, I am in receipt of my [visa].  Thank you for lending  your assistance. Thank you for your guidance as without it I would have blundered. I am happy I utilized you’re services. Thank you again and I will continue to recommend  your services.”
  • V.G. states: “Good night Mr Brown:  I have collected my passport and visa from your office as was instructed by your last email.  I take this opportunity to say a big thank you for you assistance and help in getting me to this part of the process. My heartiest and sincere gratitude.
    I wish you all the best as you continue to affect  lives positively.”
  • K.H. states: “Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your help with my application process. I am settled in school, working and doing great. thank you.”
  • M.D. states: “Our family would like to express our gratitude to you and your staff for the kind assist in having him enrolled at Centennial.  I am pleased to report that he has settled in well and is in residence on the Progress Campus. I will still be in touch with you as we would like to know when to apply for his permanent residence status …”.
  • J.G. states: “Thank you very much Mr Brown. I took my daughter up to school last week and she is settling nicely. We are so indebted to you.”
  • T.M. states: “Hello Mr Brown it’s [T.] here. I’m emailing you to let you know that I’m settled in school and that everything is going well with me. Once again thank you for assisting me with getting to Canada :)
  • R. states: “Dear Mr. Brown,  I arrived in Toronto on Monday night and I found a place to live Wednesday evening. I have registered for my classes which begin today at 2:00pm.  I am settling in just fine.  Thank you for assistance in this process it is sincerely appreciated.  I will need your assistance again in December/January for my husband to acquire  a visitor’s visa.”
  • S.H. states: “Mr Brown:  I arrived in Canada last week and I have started school.  I just want to tell you thanks for your assistance and I will keep you updated on my progress.”

  • N.W. states: “Hello Mr. Brown  I just want to say thank you for everything. I arrived in Canada on Sunday and all went well. I told the immigration officer I wanted my daughter to stay with me and it was not a problem. Thank you so much and I appreciate the wonderful work you are doing to help us Jamaicans to better ourselves.”
  • R.P. states: “Greetings Mr. Brown,  I thank you so much for the hard work put in for my studies in Canada to be a reality. I can’t express how happy I am and I appreciated all that was done for me by you and your staff.  Again, thanks a million.”
  • K.G. states: “Hello Mr. Brown:  I arrived in Canada safely. I am currently looking for jobs.
    Thanks again for you assistance and continue to do the fine work your doing.”
  • A. states: “Good day Mr. Brown:  I want to take this time out to express my appreciation for all your help, assistance and counsel given towards attending Centennial College.  I have now arrived in Canada and is now settled and looking towards beginning school in another week.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”
  • D.G. states: “Hello, I had a hassle free and safe arrival to Canada. I would like to thank you for your assistance throughout this entire process. As soon as it is possible I would like to utilize your services in obtaining a work permit for my spouse. Thank you.”
  • T.M. states: “Pleasant day Mr. Brown, I do hope you are in the best of health. I just want to use this opportunity to inform you that I have reached Canada. I would like to  extend a warm gratitude of my appreciation for your assistance as it is greatly appreciated.  Be blessed and have a great day.”
  • Y.C. states: “Good Afternoon Mr. Brown, Trust you are doing good.  I received the email regarding the approval for my study permit.  I am so excited. Thank you very much Mr. Brown. I could not have been successful without your assistance. I appreciate the work you have done and in remarkable time too.  I recommended someone to you and I knew they came… I bumped into them the last time I visited your office. I know they will be pleased with your exceptional service. :)
  • H. states: “Dear Mr. Brown:  My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to you for working with us towards the growth and development of our son H. Last week-end we experienced the joy of having his passport stamped as a Permanent Resident of Canada, after his experience at Centennial College. Thanking you and anticipating continued growth and development in your business as you endeavor to serve.”
  • E.F. states: “Good morning Mr. Brown, I’d like to first thank you again for your assistance in getting me here.  The experience so far is good. I would like to recommend a friend of mine to you in order for her to get her visitors visa sorted out, could you send me a list of things for her to do and the overall cost for you representing her at the embassy and visa fees and such the like.. thank you again..”
  • W.L. states:  ”Hi Antonn,  Just a quick note to say thanks for guiding us through the visa & school application process as well as assisting with accommodation requirements.  I’ve landed in Canada & registered for the courses.  Your real estate agent has been absolutely fantastic in assisting with the transition process and all has been going well so far.  Until we touch base again … walk good.”
  • M.M. states: “Good Day Mr. Brown, Thank you.  I must advise you that I am registered, I will begin classes on Monday 11/01/16. I attended the orientations and feel very positive  about the journey.  I also applied and received my Social Insurance Number.  Thank you very much for your help and guidance. I will keep you posted. I recommended you to my friends..they came to your office on Friday. They feel very confident leaving the consulting.”
  • S.M. states: “Good Night Mr Brown,  My apologies for messaging this late, it has been a roller coaster since i got here but thank God all is well, I began school.  I just want to take the time out to thank you again for your assistance in the process, from inception to completion, it is enormously appreciated and I pray God continues to bless you and your family.”

  • N. states: “Dear Mr. Brown: I want to take this opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude for your assistance in securing my study permit.  I could not have asked for a better Christmas gift.  So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.  Happy Holidays and I wish nothing but success and happiness for you through 2016 and beyond.”
  • M.M. states: “Good day Mr.Brown: I trust that you are doing great. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.  Thank you for all you have done for me and my husband, because of your assistance  I will be leaving to study next week. We are truly grateful. keep up the good work!!”

  • M.B. states:  ”Good Morning Sir, I am liking over here so far, expect for the time change OMG. But otherwise its going good and school as well. I love the school. Thank You very much again.”
  • M.B. states: “Hello sir, I hope you are doing fine. I just completed the second week of school and it’s going great!. I just want to Thank you again for your help in letting me be here. Thank u very much.”
  • F. states: “Good day Mr. Brown, Thank you so much for your amazing assistance so far in my process as I strive to make the final steps to school at Centennial College in Toronto.”
  • N.W. states: “Good afternoon Mr. Brown,  I am sending this note to you in expressing thanks and appreciation for successfully guiding the application at the Embassy.  I wish you all the best in making people feel that there is hope beyond Jamaica.”
    N.M. states: “Good day Mr. Brown, Thanks again for seeing the vision for us Jamaicans to be in Canada. It is still the best decision I have made and I am happy.”
  • D.J. states: “My dearest  Antonn: I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say  many thanks for assisting  me in getting into  school in Canada.
     All is well so far.. looking forward  to starting class and hopefully get a job soon.  God bless you and I’ll  be in touch.”
  • H.M. states:  ”Hi Antonn, I am in Canada and everything is fine.  Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and I hope that you will prosper and be in good health even as your business grows and prosper.  Thank you once again for your help I really appreciate it.  And I have referred you to two persons already I hope they will come and see you.”
  • R.O. states: “Good evening Mr Brown,  I just want to say thanks to you for your stellar service; integrity and professionalism.  It is commendable and appreciated.  I will continue to recommend others to utilize your services.”
  • M. states: “Hello Mr. Brown: How are you doing? I completed my studies at Centennial and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the time. I Met some great tutors who provided a lot of assistance. I finished with a GPA of 3.7 which I don’t think is bad at all.”
  • R.J. states: “Hi Mr Brown, I’m just saying hi. I hope all is well with you. I’m in Canada now going to school and doing well. I really appreciate what you have done for me .Thanks so much for the opportunity and continue your good work. I’ll keep in touch.”
  • P.C. states: “Hey Antonn , I just wanted to give you a shout up and say 100% thank you for your great work in my process to get here . I am doing great so far.  It is getting a bit cold, but I expected that.”
  • D.D. states: “Hello Mr. Brown, My family is all smiles this evening and giving God all the praise for allowing us to meet you.  I received the passports this evening along with the visa stamped in them & the “study permit” paper. I want to say thanks for assisting us in so many ways and for your always prompt replies to our email queries. We will be coming by very soon, for further guidance.  You’re a True Professional… God Bless!!!”
  • P.S. states: “Mr Brown, I want to tell you thank for helping me to get the [study permit].   I will be coming to your office next week to see you, I want to thank you  again. This means so much to me. Continue to do the excellent work that you are doing. I have recommended some people to you. I really appreciate this. Thanks again Mr, Brown.”
  • CNG states: “Good afternoon Mr. Brown, Just letting you know that I arrived in Newfoundland, Canada yesterday morning at 1:23 after two days of travels.  Arrangements were made by my employer for pickup. It’s nice here, lots of fresh air and the people are very friendly. Thanks again for your assistance.”
  • Ms. B states: “Good day Mr. Brown, Just thought I would take sometime out of my busy schedule to say Thank you for helping me to make this transition easier.  Centennial has a great campus.  It was a wonderful experience, a bit fast spaced especially since i got here later than I had hoped. I did all my tests and got my Social Insurance Number. I am looking forward to a great school experience, and make my country proud.”
  • A.M. states: “Mr Brown:  I am currently settling in Canada.  I got here last Wednesday, everything went smoothly. I will start classes tomorrow and I have also started the job hunting.  Mr Brown, I just want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all your help.  I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity.  Thank you. And I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
  • K. states: “Good day Mr. Brown:  Trust you are good.  I’d like to tell you many thanks for the assistance you gave me during the process. It was greatly appreciated.  I’m currently making my travel arrangements and hopefully should be leaving in the second week of August. I have made my living arrangements as well so everything seems to be falling in place. Again I thank you a great deal and I will let you know when I have settled in in school. Have a great day.”
  • M.W. states: “Hi Mr Brown, I have gotten the work permit. I picked it up today. My family and I would like to say a big thank you for you help. I also want to take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year when it comes.”
  • D.M. states: “I thank you sir with great appreciation for all your help and advice throughout. Thank you, thank you and may the good Lord continue to guide and bless you as you help others. A million times thank you, it is  appreciated. Have a good day.”
  • K.J. states: “Dear Mr. Brown, We would like to inform you that I received my Work Permit yesterday by mail. We really thank you for all your support, advice and effort to make this possible. If anytime you are visiting Toronto please contact us we would love to meet you.
    Please keep up the good work. We wish you all the success and god’s richest blessings.”
  • R.F states: “|Mr. Brown, I write to firstly thank you for your assistance in obtaining the Student Visa for my son as well as the Temporary Visa for myself to have him settled.”
  • P.C. states: “Good  Day Mr Brown,  I did get my passport yesterday evening with the study permit stamped on it and a letter of approval from the embassy. Mr Brown, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your assistance and guidance for achieving the study permit which will enable me to upgrade my skills sets.”
  • M.S. states: “Mr Brown, Thanks for your assistance, my family have received their passports and visas to visit me.  We appreciate your service and want to encourage you to continue the good work.”
  • C. states: “Good morning Antonn I trust that you are having a blessed and happy one after Bolt have once again delivered. :)  Thank you for your guidance through this process as I proceed to pursue my career. I will make the best of such opportunity as I enter a foreign environment.  Once again, thank you.”
  • S.C. states: “Mr Brown,

    I do hope all is well. I just want to thank you for all the assistance for the study permit and advice you have provided in doing this process. Your service is truly appreciated.  I have received my package and I’m so HAPPY!! Thank you soo much for your assistance and dedication throughout the process. I am filled with so much gratitude. I hope God continues to bless you and continously gives you the drive to  assist many more  Jamaicans with your great expertise.

  • S.W. states: “Good Evening Mr.Brown, Once again I want to say a big thank you for the excellent service you have rendered.  I will keep in touch as soon as arrive in Canada.”
  • A.P. states: “Good afternoon Mr.  Brown,  I am just letting you know that I received [the package] from the embassy with my student visa. The courier brought it to me today. I truly thank you for the assistance and ease you provided with the process.”
  • M.S. states: “Been wanting to send you a mail with regards to my progress [...] I am doing very well. The family is [now] here. I am halfway through school and it is quite manageable. I just want to say thanks again for your assistance.”
  • S.M. states: “Hi Antonn,  I hope you’re in good health. I just wanted to provide an update and advise that my 1st semester has been completed and I will be heading into my 2nd semester in another week. As always thank you for your assistance and I will stay in touch.”
  • Y.G. states: “Hello Mr. Brown:  I am pleased to let you know that I am now finished with school and looking forward to graduation in June. I am smiling for I know how it was and how you have encouraged me, thank you so much! I am about to do my Post-graduate work permit through school, get that job and get my children here. I am just taking things in strides and with Gods help I will overcome.”
  • J. states: “Good day Mr. Brown, I just want to say thanks again for arranging all the necessary documents for me to come to Canada to study at Centennial College. Apart from the cold weather everything has been great, I have been adapting to the cold so its not so bad. Thank you.”
  • E. states: “Hello Antonn:  Happy New Year though late my well wishes. Again, thank you for your support, encouragement and hand in my being where I am today.  I have not forgotten you and what you did on my behalf. I am no in the process of choosing where to do my internship and wish to gain the Canadian experience…Mine to Discover!  Also, when are you coming to Canada, please let me know so we can have Coffee at Tim’s lol. Talk soon.”
  • N.M. states: “Thank you Mr. Brown.  I [switched programs] in an effort to boost my business. I am loving the experience and seizing the opportunity.  Thank you once more. I should be visiting in February so I will try and stop by.”
  • A.W. states: “Hello Mr. Brown, I just want to thank you for your help with [my daughter, K. with her school and study permit applications]. She has settled quite well and she is loving the school and her teachers. She can attest to your recommendations about [what was the]  best choice for her. Again thank you.”
  • R.C. states: “Good Evening Mr Brown,  First of all i should extend to you a prosperous New Year.  Well As you may know i am now in my second semester, so far i came with an open mind and still dealing with all situations just the same and so far all has been positive. Thank you.”
  • D. states:  ”Dear Mr. Brown;  I am pleased to advise that I am full enrolled, all thanks to you for your efforts!!!!  My journey to Canada, began at 6:30am on Saturday, January 3rd 2015, needless to say it was one of my longest journey to any destination, but I enjoyed the ride and laughed at myself while going through it  I went via Mo-Bay using Knutsford Express……I had a connecting flight from Toronto to London Airport which would have gotten me to London at approximately 9:22pm. I missed the connecting flight and after much back and forth, with long lines just to get some information, when finally the airline opted to book us in hotels.  The long wait in the extreme cold was horrible but absolutely a great life experience/lesson for me :)  Through this all I was so contented, of course I got free hotel stay (a plus)  Then on Sunday only to be told I was not booked on any flight but they will put me on “Stand By” . So I smiled and I said go ahead book me, of course.  I kept contact with the greatest man I have come to know (GOD) and I sat and waited patiently, when I heard my name called and the attending Representative, assigned me a seat, just like that….it has to be the true act of God…..so I got on my flight to London.  Upon arrival in London, I proceeded to the Knights Inn, one of Fanshawe College’s recommended motel.  I intended to stay for three nights and as they had advised via email from you, as a student I am entitled to a 10% discount….To my amazement as an international student you are entitled to three nights FREE……so here I am writing from Knights Inn, my final night here.  On Sunday, a Representative from Fanshawe came for me, took me to the college and get my registration started.  To date, I have completed all businesses including Registration, Orientation, Housing, Banking, Application for SIN.  And yes I travelled by bus and some assistance from an assigned Fanshawe Representative and yes!! it is below zero degrees and snowing…….but that’s just the weather condition, I am feeling like sunshine on the inside, so I just get up and go……  The housing is another long miraculous story I have to tell you when next I come to Jamaica   I have taken the time out to share with you and let you know that Fanshawe College is great for international students, they look out and cater for our needs.  Benefits of being a Fanshawe Student:
    1.  Free unlimited bus pass in the city of London
    2.  Buses stop within the school main campus outside the doors (literally)
    3.  As a student, no banking fees when open an account with Scotiabank
    4.  Free medical insurance (optical, dental and physician)
    5.  If you don’t have a laptop, you can borrow a laptop from the school, no charge unless you damage it
    6.  Home work centre where computers are available to use anytime between specific hours
    7.  Students may borrow any amount of books from the library free of cost, unless you lose them
    8.  Free upgrades of software (Microsoft Suites etc.) on your personal laptop,once it is available to the administrators
    9.  The college is all covered building to building all classes are inside, no need to go outside when snowing
    10.  Though in my unverified estimation, less than 5% of the school population (students/administrators/lecturers) are black, I hardly notice, because am so well taken care of and of course most times racial prejudices are perceived/started in the minds
    11. There are avenues for complaints regarding unfair treatment (critical)
    12. There are assigned representatives to help with part time employment on and off campus and housing assistance (my first hand experience with housing was excellent.) I could go on and on, but I think the above is critical for new students, especially where costs are concerned.  You have not heard the last from me…..I will however keep it short the next time…..LOL.  Thanks again…much appreciated!!!!!”
  • R.R. states: “Hi Mr Brown, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and thanks again for helping making  my dream  come true it was really a smooth process and didn’t take long . I actually arrived on [December 27th]. So far I’m enjoying it even though it’s cold ! Orientation is January 5th and classes start January 7th . [I live close to the school.] Thanks again.
  • G.G. states: “Hello Mr.Brown, I would like to take time out to thank for your assistance with the study permit and residence. I will be leaving today. Thanks again.”
  • D. states: “Thank you for your dedication. I can’t emphasise it any more, words cannot express how appreciative I am of your service. All the very best for you, your family and your company for the New Year.”
  • T.W. states: “Hi Mr. Brown, I just wanted to say thank you for your guidelines in selecting Centennial College.  It was a wonderful experience and I was able to attain a 3 year work permit after my studies. Again thank you for [your assistance throughout the process]. Also happy holidays and I wish you and yours best wishes for the new year.”
  • H.M. states: “Greetings Mr Brown, I am just dropping your a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your services.  Your profession guidance and recommendation has assisted me to plan the next new phase of my life which WILL guide me to achieve my pursued goal, I am extremely grateful!  Also, I have made a few recommendations to my friends on your services. Every Blessing and I will definitely remain in touch.”
  • D.J. states: “Thank you for all your efforts and continuous commitment to my application process. I really do appreciate your service.  Let me use this opportunity once more to commend you on the high level of professionalism and care with which you have served me.
  • R.W. states: “I received my passport back from the embassy, I’d just like to say thank you being so patient in preparing all the necessary requirements and documents that I needed to submit and for assisting me with my college application and study permit application. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for a job well done. I will forever be grateful. I’m now making plans to travel and pursue my dreams, I’m really ecstatic, thank you for your help.  You’ve been so great during the entire process and I really appreciate your effort and knowledge. Thank you!”
  • K. Davis states: “Thanks a lot Antonn! You are part of the reason why I’m here in Canada today….Continue helping Jamaican people to strive for better. Much  respect!”
  • D.H. states: “Hi Antonn:  I received my [visa] today.  I am truly thankful for your assistance thus far.  A big thank you we could not have not it without your expert knowledge and guidance.  You are truly one of a kind.  Thanks a million  Antonn.”
  • A.M. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  I am writing to formally thank you for your assisting me into the Canadian Work/study program.  I have been in Toronto two weeks now and is settling into living/classes  arrangements nicely.  Your invaluable guidance reduced the challenges that I could have encountered, and for that I am most grateful.”
  • N.B. states:  ”Good Morning Mr Brown: I  would like to express a big thank you for your assistance in the process for the Work Permit [...] I am happy with the outcome and will not hesitate to refer you to any of my colleagues that will need your assistance in the near future. Do you have any  final advice re travelling to Canada?  Thank you again.”
  • P.E. states:  ”Hello Antonn:  I am just letting you know that M. arrived in Canada safely. He has since registered for school and has  settle in nicely with his Aunt. I really appreciate your good help, sensible advice and great customer service which of course was greatly helped by your pleasant countenance and demure smile.  I will you all the best for the future.”
  • G.B. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown. I would like you to tell you that my family and I have received our permanent residence last year. I just want to say thanks to you, because you made it possible.”
  • R. states:  ”I never told you thank you for all your help in my journey to Canada. [...] You gave me pretty solid advice and help me to choose a less costly path. You also suggested a program that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but now I’m on my way to becoming a Database Developer and its all thanks to you.  I was lucky enough to work my way through [School] and got a job just two weeks after leaving school. I am very grateful for all your help and hope you will continue to do a wonderful job.”
  • J.S. states:  ”Good day Mr. Brown, I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for your extensive hard work which was involved in the process of applying for my study permit. There’s no amount of thank you that I could say to let you understand how much I appreciate all you have done, your truly a blessing to all the students hoping to study in Canada, once again thank you.”
  • A.B. states:  ”Hi Mr. Brown, I was successful with obtaining the student permit and again I wish to thank you for your assistance in the process. I will be keeping in touch with you and will continue to use your services as time progresses. I have recommended your services to a number of persons, two of whom have already met with you and were quite pleased.  I tell people you make it seamless because you explain clearly and provide proper guidance. Best wishes and much thanks.”
  • S.W. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your assistance in going to Canada. I will be leaving next Friday and I am looking forward to go there to do my best. I have referred a few persons to you one will be coming to see you next Thursday. Once again thank you and may you continue to do the good work.”
  • E. states:  ”I wish to extend a whole hearted appreciation and thanks to you for having walked me through every step of the way. I have received my visa and I am elated and crying so hard I am crying tears of joy. Thanks be to God.”
  • N.H states:  ”Good Afternoon Mr. Brown. I got your email. I’m so elated. I am so grateful for the immense change you that you’ve brought in my life.  I’ve never been so happy in a long while and now we you’ve brought joy. Thank you very much, words can’t express how I’m feeling. Just hoping you’ll continue to change  other persons life and impact others positively.  Thanks for the time you’ve taken to help with the processing of my study permit. I am wishing you God’s riches blessing. Keep up the good work. Continue doing what you do best Mr Brown.”
  • M.W. states:  ”Dear Mr. Brown, How you doing? I’m making the transition quite easily in Canada and to college life. I’ve done very well in the mid term exams and now preparing for the final in a couple of weeks. I think its the best decision I have every made to further my education [in Toronto] and I thank you for your guidance throughout.
  • S.S. states:  ”Hello Mr.Brown, I ill be leaving in August. I must have sent you a million emails and you responded to every one. I just want to thank you for your guidance in the process and for you quick responses to my emails. Continue to do the good work. extending my gratitude and appreciation in large amounts. I also got the scholarship.”
  • S.R. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown, I just want to express sincere gratitude for all you’ve done for me. Your work did not go in vain because my temporary resident visa and my study/work permit has been approved. Thank you so much again. I really appreciate it.”
  • N.B. states:  ”Hi Mr Brown, I just received the visa i want to thank you again for all your assistance and your patience that you exercised.  Again, thank you and don’t be surprised if we ask for your assistance in the near future. (smile)”
  • R.M. states:  ”Good day, First and foremost, I want to thank you for your assistance in obtaining the study permit.  Words can’t explain how grateful I am…”
  • F.H. states:  ”Hi Brown, I hope you are doing ok….i want to say…..Thank you ……thank you…..thank you….words cannot explain how grateful i am… May the Good Lord keep and continue to bless you. Warmest regards”
  • A.S. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown,  I have received the passport from the embassy.  Thank you for your help and I’ll definitely recommend you to others.”
  • T.M. states:  ”Hello Antonn Brown, First of all, I am really sorry, that I didn’t message you earlier. I was [away.] My brother told me on the phone that my application was approved. I am so thankful to you! Without your help, it wouldn’t have worked out.  You made my dream come true. I would like to say more but thank you, but I don’t know other words to describe you how thankful I am. Really really thank you very much!”
  • C.T. states:  ”Good evening Mr.Brown. I’m not sure if you remember me. [I] applied for [the School] last year. I just wanted you to know it was a successful year. I made honors both semesters. I want to say thanks you though, I have had a life changing experience because of you. Take care.”
  • N. Smith states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown,  Thanks for all the help that you have provided. I am in Canada.  It is cold but I’m enjoying Seneca so far. It is amazing and I just want to let you know that all is well.”
  • K.D. states:  ”Good Day Antonn, I’m confirming that I’m in receipt of my passport containing the student visa.  I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance thus far and express my wish for your continued guidance.”
  • Y.S. states:  ”Dear Mr. Brown, I would like to tell you thank for helping me with my application here [for College] and the study permit. [I was offered a job!]. I would like you to continue the good work that you are doing!”
  • R.R. states: “Hi Mr Brown,  How are you ? Just letting you know I have finished my Second Semester already i can’t  believe i will be going in to my Second year (third semester) already ! just letting you know i am enjoying Centennial College and i made the right choice of attending there, i been passing all my courses so far there were little difficulties with some of the courses i realize business finance is one of the challenging programs but i am managing .  After my final year I am planning to apply for the Post-grad work permit so  you will definitely here from me soon lol. Take care.”
  • K.M. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  I am just dropping you an email to say thanks for your assistance with the processing of my documents for school an my visa, I appreciate your assistance. I am settling in okay, trying to get used to the cold.  I will keep in touch.”
  • R.R. states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  It’s going great so far.  The only problem is the weather. However, [I know] the experience is going to be worth it when I am done.”
  • M. Smith (Montego Bay) states:  ”Hey Mr.Brown,  I just want to express my appreciation to you and your staff for everything. I am in Canada and everything is going smoothly and the school pressure is already on. Thank you again, and I am encouraging you to keep doing a great job.”
  • T.S. states:  ”Good day Mr.Brown, I am just texting you to let you know that [we] made Honors last semester. Thanks a lot.  We couldn’t have done it without you”
  • W. Jones states:  ”Mr. Brown, [...] I’m keeping in touch as promised.  I just started my second semester [and have] a 4.0 GPA in the first semester.  [I ...] highly recommended your services to a number of persons to your office and will continue to do so. Please take care of them as you did me.”
  • J. McKenzie states:  ”Hello Mr Brown, I want to express my gratitude to you as you have been extremely instrumental in assisting me thus far. Thanks a lot and continue doing a good job!!!”
  • R.G. (St. James) states:  ”Hi Mr. Brown: Happy holidays to you and your staff!  [...]  You were instrumental in assisting me with finding a college in Ontario [two years ago]. I did my post graduate at the Centennial College and [...] I have managed to land an awesome job and is in the process of applying for my permanent residency. Thank you.”
  • D.M. (St. Elizabeth) states:  ”Good morning Mr. Brown:  Just want you to know that I will be leaving [for Canada to study at Humber College] today and want to say a big thank you for all your help, and thanks for believing in me. We will keep in touch.”
  • R. C. states:  ”Mr. Brown, Good evening, I just want to thank you for the beginning of a new experience.  It has been about two weeks now since starting [the program].  So far all is well.  Settling will take more time, but I take one day at a time. The program is, I think a good one for me no matter where i have to begin. Again, thank you and will definitely be in touch for future reference/advice.”
  • K. Baker states:  ”Hi Mr. Brown, I finally got the visa delivered yesterday after 5:00 p.m.  Thanks a million for the opportunity/help given.  Much appreciated.  I have sent prospects to your office, hope all is well with you and family.  I will be making travel arrangements soonest.  Thanks again.”
  • S. Dobson states:  ”I am now in Canada.  It is cold, but it is so BEAUTIFUL, the environment is so clean and the air is fresh and misty.  Thank you again Mr. Brown for all that you have done. Going through customs was so smooth, they didn’t even ask me for anything.  Nothing is so  possible without GOD.  Thanks be to GOD for ALL things. Peace to you.”
  • M. Turner (St. Catherine) states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown, I am writing to share the good news of our arrival in Canada. We have been here a little over a week now and its great. We want to tell you a big thank you for our professional help in getting us here and in College. I have been very active in telling people about you. Once more thank you.”
  • S. Gunzell (Kingston) states:  ”Good day, Thanks to you immensely, I have begun my first day here at Centennial. [...] Things are going well so far. As I begin this first leg of my journey I had to stop to tell you thanks for answering my ten million questions and for guiding me. [...] you were on point. Thanks a million.”
  • M. McLean (Kingston) states:  ”Hi Antonn, so sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit you before I left Jamaica. I am now at [CENTENNIAL] and anticipating the start of school.  Thank you so much for your assistance. Couldn’t have got here without you. Will make you proud and will continue to spread the word about you and the GREAT job you are doing.”
  • N. Johnson (Kingston) states:  ”Hey Antonn Brown:  You are a wonderful friend.  Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and assistance in me getting to Canada. I love Seneca College and the professors there are so understanding and caring. The people at Seneca are honest and kind. I have lost my phone about three times and when I went to the Security post could you believe it they always have it there waiting for me to pick up. God bless your work and what you do to help our fellow Jamaicans to work, study or live in Canada.  Prove Jesus Christ his promises are sure. I would encourage all never to give up on their dreams or the plans God have for them because God will NEVER give up on you. Trust Jesus and believe His words. I put Him to the TEST and now I am here….”
  • M. King (Manchester) states:  ”Hello Antonn, How are you…. Simply touching base with you to let you know that my daughter and I are getting acclimatized to Canada`s environment… thanks to you. I have just finished my final exams for this semester… thanks to God – as it was really challenging. Looking forward to my second. Thanks again and keep on doing what you’re doing… you are making a difference in many people`s lives. God Bless”
  • S. Brooks (St. Elizabeth) states:  ”Jamaica2canada is a reality, not a fairytale. I always wanted to study in Canada but never really knew how to go about doing so until I Met Mr. Antonn Brown. He then clearly and carefully outlined the entire process to me. He was always available to answer any queries I had along with Sheridan International Student Coordinator. Today, based on his expertise, I am currently a student at a state of the art College in Brampton (Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning). It was amazing how quickly I got through it was just unbelievable. Thank you for your guidance Mr. Brown, I really appreciate your service. Keep up the good work!”
  • U. Johnson-Reid (St. James) states:  ”When I see all that my friends and people that I know are going through with their application I am so thankful I utilized you service.  Thanks again Antonn.”
  • N. Smith (Montego Bay) states:  ”Mr. Brown  a pleasant afternoon.  Thank you for assisting us with our change to Humber.  It was the best thing we could have done.  I think you are a legend there.  We barely mentioned your name before everyone knew who we were referring to.  The customer service and warm reception was awesome.  They made every effort to assist [...]“
  • J. Benlas (St. Ann) states:  ”The Jamaica 2 Canada Program under the Directorship of Mr. Antonn Brown, has proven to be helpful and credible.  I was introduced to this program through a very good friend of mine, who told me of the services provided and the opportunities to be derived once I decided to accept the offer.  When I met with Mr. Brown, he outlined the possibilities of migrating to Canada based on your interest, personal preference and also based on his knowledge and expertise what is best for you.  The process for me, I considered to be effortless. Upon consultation, highlights exactly what is required to make my transition a success. He made himself available to answer any question that I had, and showed the advantages and disadvantages of a particular route.  Once I provided the information required, Mr. Brown did everything from there onwards, except going to the embassy interview (which is your ultimate responsible throughout the entire process.)  I am proud say that it works! When I arrived in Canada, I had no problems with immigration, things were exactly how Mr. Brown says they would be.  Canada is a beautiful country. Its diverse population makes it rather interesting and fun. For me, school is all about going into the workforce! Based on my experiences, I have been spreading the word to friends and relatives.”
  • T. Foster states (Kingston):  ”Hey Antonn Brown, I am T.  I am not sure if you remember me, but we met in Kingston and I came up on your program.  I attended Centennial Cllege 2-year program in Tourism Management. I graduated last year and I am now working – Thanks to you! I also spoke with Marina Lawrence, the Manager at Centennial.  She knows you well and I told her about you.  She was so pleased!  Anyways, thanks again.”
  • F. Schweitzer (Ajax, Canada) states:  ”This is to let you know that R. is now enrolled at Centennial and seems to be quite successful and well adapted to this new experience.  Again, thank you very much for your valuable assistance in this matter.  I am glad to hear from some folks at the College that you are well known there and enjoy quite a good reputation, e.g. “Antonn is awesome and “did you know he’s also a lawyer”? Very encouraging and quite positive reputation you have here. Needless to say, we too are very glad and join in their praises of you. Again, we wish you all the success you deserve and all the best.
  • A. Campbell (St. James) states:  ”Great to see that you are doing well with recruiting new students!  I finished my program a week ago with an overall GPA of 4.233 of 4.5.  I am so proud of myself.  Thanks for all your direction and guidance.”
  • K. Dobbs (Manchester) states:  “ […] I am loving the experience! I am  a student council and  I am also a part of a volunteer group. I just finished mid- terms; that was hectic! […] I am happy and I am just loving the technology!  Thanks again for everything Mr Brown!”
  • F. Anglin (St. Ann) states:  ”My Centennial College journey is coming to an end. My last semester finishes at the end of this month. Although very [challenging] at times, it has been a great experience and I would not change anything. I received a small monetary scholarship from the college and an Achievement Award for exceptional academic performance, as my GPA is over 4.2. I am currently applying for jobs and looking forward to extending my stay [...]here in Canada. Thank you again for your assistance and I will keep you up-to-date with our journey.”
  • R. H-A (Manchester) states:  ”Hello Mr. Brown:  I just wanted you to know how things are going with me. Thanks again for all you did to get me here, I truly appreciate it.”  … Today was my second official day of school. It has been AWESOME so far, Centennial is a great school. I find the people here to be really helpful and just nice overall. I can truly say I like it here [...]“
  • R. Thompson (St. Ann) states:  ”I am lucky to have Mr. Antonn Brown as my Consultant. He has assisted me greatly by using his experience and knowledge to make the processes necessary for studying in Canada feel effortless, (unlike what I have heard from others who tried doing it themselves.) For possible students or persons seeking to further their education, I would strongly recommend Canada. Canada provides you with the experience of learning in a highly diverse environment. This experience can assist anyone who wants to be a professional in any setting to be able to work with people on a global scale, which is a necessary edge in today’s globalizing environment. I am now a first year Business Marketing student at Centennial College. So far I can say that Centennial is a “state of the art” facility offering versatile methods of learning and well qualified lecturers who are well equipped with first-hand experience in field with I am studying. It’s the first time I have been able to draft current experiences on how the marketing environment is currently functioning due to the lecturers’ experience. Most of my lecturers so far have either operated a business or worked as a Marketing manager, now that’s someone I can truly learn from.  Aside from education, living in Canada is very convenient, relaxing and almost everything is a phone call away. There are many places for entertainment and many attractions are at most a 30 minute drive away from where I am living. So far I have been to Niagara Falls, CN Tower “tallest structure in the world” and Roger’s Centre (Sky Dome). To any students who are thinking about studying in Canada, I can say to you that it’s a good choice and it would be a good move to make towards your future.”
  • J-L Johnson (St. Ann) states:  ”My experience in Canada has been great! I am not the least exaggerating, it’s been wonderful. The climate, the environment and the people are all a treasured experience. I absolutely love my life, and everyday it is an entire new experience and something to look forward to. I am currently an International Student Ambassador, and I love my school and job. The technology is one of my favourite. It has created a new arena for learning and development. Truth is anywhere you go, there are challenges, but your attitude and determination will surpass every obstacle. I do miss my family and loved ones, but being here has paved the way for so many opportunities. Thank you Antonn for your services, but most importantly for your kind words, honesty and motivation. If ever anyone decide that they need a change or difference in lifestyle, and require a Relocation Specialist, your professionalism is unquestionable.”
  • A. Salmon states:  ”Good Afternoon Mr. Antonn Brown thank you for allowing Humber College to come to Jamaica. I’m currently studying there and i believe its a school that can open windows of opportunity for international students. So far its quite an interesting journey.”
  • I. Robinson (Kingston) states:  ” [...] The campus is really nice, the staff and senior students really made the transition easier than expected. I did quite a bit of research on the school before I came and was quite amazed to see that the campuses are exactly as presented on their websites … I have even learned the public transit routes from the second day. So I would say, things are looking very well so far … Again, thank you so much for availing yourself to persons like myself who just wanted a second chance and more so one in a new environment. I am really grateful. Thanks again and God bless you. Will keep in touch.”
  • K. Kerloff (Manchester) states:  ”Again [Antonn]: A quick thank you for setting up my sojourn here in Canada. This place is great and a blessed get away. Already I am finding my feet and making a valuable contribution to this nation’s economy. Opportunities are real and results tangible if you are not lazy. One just have to get involved……….sports, community and work. Have to say that Jamaica is an excellent training ground as a springboard to take on the world. The key here [in Canada] for survival is a good skill backed by sound knowledge. Multi-tasking is where its at. Love the clean and hospitable enviroment and people.   Now, on my way to work ………. See ya!!”
  • A. Whitely (St. Elizabeth) states:  ”Hi Antonn: It couldn’t be better [here in Canada, I] am now looking forward to attend orientation on September 1, 2010.  I met this Jamaican/Canadian Lady.  She works at Humber College.  She is very nice and has sorted out jobs for me and [G.] already!”
  • M. Spence (Kingston) states:  ”Hello Mr Brown,  Hope you doing well … I wanted to say thanks for all the  assistance you gave me re studying in Canada. School [Humber] so far has been  great.  I am still trying to adjust to the climate here, but apart from that the experience as been awesome so far. Thanks again for everything.”
  • G. Barnes (St. Eliabeth) states:  ”I want to say thanks to you for assisting us with the immigration process of living in Canada, my family and I greatly appreciate your help.  In concluding, Canada is a great experience overall, it takes a little time to get settled. Also it is always good to have the help of family and friends.  Over all Canada is a great experience, the country is well kept nice and clean. People are well mannered and treat each and everyone with respect. All the immigrants from the different nations of the world try to stay together.  Also, I think Humber College is a very good Institution, Humber have new technology to assist student in their education. Humber uses the blackboard system, where class materials are available to students via the internet. The classrooms at Humber are spacious and kept very clean at all times.  The Humber population is made up of students from many different countries across the world. Humber provides assistance for students who are in need, such assistance peer tutor, and career councilors  and career placement in some cases, just to name a few.”
  • A. McCalla (St. Ann) states:  ”Life at Centennial College is great.  It is like a home away from home. The Teachers are great, not only in teaching,  but giving good advice and making me feel like I belong. At Centennial they have so many benefits for international students that I did not have at my previous school. I am enjoying every minute of it.”
  • N. Logan (Kingston) writes:  “Hi Mr.Brown,  The process to get to Canada was rather a smooth one, as all embassy documents and everything in terms of document was in place.  Life at Centennial has been good so far.  The School has proper facilities in place to help you have a smooth transition. The orientation is very informative.  It really helped me to understand the whole system.  The professors are great and willing to help. It is up to you to take advantage of what is available.  Life in Canada is great so far.  The transportation is good.  There are nice shopping malls. There are Caribbean restaurants and grocery stores around, so there is no problem getting Jamaican food.”
  • M. Cameron Dunkley (Manchester) states:  ”The Study and Work program is a good opportunity to advance your career in Canada with a goal of migrating in the future .  Choosing the right school you are guaranteed success at the end of your program.  Humber College was definitely the right choice for me because they are a multi-cultural college, their programs are excellent and the professors are helpful, warm and professional.  I have adapted in both home and school communities which makes life much easier living here.”
  • A. Dacres (Manchester) states:  ”[Centennial College is] equipped with all the necessary tools for academics and every other aspect of life. The classes for my course get you ready for the working world with scenarios and topics with relevant issues. If I had to choose again, I’d still choose Centennial.  Your service has been invaluable to me from choosing my school, to immigration advice and even in helping me to get settled.  Your expert advice has helped me settle in and ready for the opportunities that I see ahead.  I have met others here who have benefited from your service as well and there are nothing but good reports about what you do. Thanks again and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to all who ask.”
  • K. Morgan (Kingston) states: ”I recently made the move to live in Canada and go to Humber College full time, it was one of the best decisions of my life. The people are warm and welcoming, even strangers on the road make you feel at home. The overall atmosphere is great. Life at Humber is wonderful because the teachers give you personal attention as best as they can and will go the extra mile so you succeed. I really enjoyed the move and I’m happy with my decision to be here.”



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