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JAMAICA2CANADA.COM has Partner Agreements that represent HUNDREDS of Other Universities and Colleges all over Canada.  Ask us about your School of interest!

I advise you on the options for Canadian Immigration and Education, such as applying for Visas, schools, and obtaining employment (on and off campus).

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During the preparation stage, I will:


  1. Assess your eligibility.
  2. Review your background in detail, and determine your appropriate strategy.
  3. Review all your documentation, and advise you of any deficiencies and what other documentation would be helpful/necessary.
  4. Advise you of the options pertaining to Immigrating to or Studying in Canada.
  5. Advise you on ways to improve your strategy.


For the application stage, I will:

  1. Assist with the preparation and submission of your Visa Application.
  2. Represent you and follow-up at the Embassy.
  3. Include a Legal Submission Letter to Enhance your Case.
  4. Ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the applicant’s supporting documents are effectively presented.
  5. Assist with Admission to University/College programs, (if applicable.)

Note:  Only Authorized Representatives are Recognized by the Embassy.


With regards to settlement in Canada, I will provide you with advice regarding:

  1. Employment Services, including resume writing and job interviews.
  2. Advise you of options for Purchasing a Business Investment & Opportunities.
  3. Housing.
  4. Constitutional rights.
  5. Landlord and Tenant Law.
  6. Human Rights law.
  7. Transportation to and from the workplace.
  8. Car Financing.
  9. Financial Institutions.
  10. Education.
  11. Government Offices


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