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Fanshawe College (London, Ontario, Canada):

  • Two hours from Toronto, Canada and Detroit USA
  • Smaller city with half million people with all the facilities in campus (6 in total) and the community
  • Lower Tuition
  • Lowered Application Fee
  • Transportation Costs are Included
  • Excellent selection of programs
  • Affordable housing and meals
  • 92 Employability rate last year and Work Recruitment
  • School payment includes: Fee + health insurance/dental + local transportation  (fees payable by semester)
  • Medical clinic + pharmacy on campus
Accounting [Business - Accounting]BAC2More Information
Architectural TechnologyATY1More Information
Aviation Technician – Avionics MaintenanceAVM1More Information
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[ B ]
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Early Childhood Leadership)ECL1More Information
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Integrated Land Planning Technologies)ILP1More Information
Bachelor of Applied Technology – BiotechnologyBIO1More Information
Broadcasting – RadioBRR2More Information
Broadcasting – TelevisionBRT1More Information
BusinessBUS1More Information
Business – AccountingBAC2More Information
Business – FinanceBFN4More Information
Business – Human ResourcesBHR1More Information
Business – Information Systems (2010-2011)BIS5More Information
Business – InsuranceBIN3More Information
Business – MarketingBMK1More Information
Business – PurchasingBPR3More Information
Business Administration – AccountingBAA2More Information
Business Administration – Human ResourcesBAH1More Information
Business Administration – Leadership and ManagementBAL1More Information
Business Administration – MarketingBAM2More Information
Business FoundationsBFS1More Information
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[ C ]
Child and Youth WorkerCYW1More Information
Child and Youth Worker (Fast Track)CYW3More Information
Civil Engineering TechnologyCEY2More Information
Computer Applications and Business Documentation (Accelerated) (2010/11)CAS3WMore Information
Computer Programmer AnalystCPA2More Information
Computer Systems TechnicianCTN2More Information
Computer Systems TechnologyCTY1More Information
Construction Carpentry TechniquesCCQ3More Information
Construction Engineering Technician – SupervisorCSN2More Information
Construction Engineering Technology (Management)CMY1More Information
Contemporary Media: Theory and ProductionCMTMore Information
Culinary ManagementCLM6More Information
Culinary Skills – Chef TrainingCHF1More Information
Customer Service Fundamentals – InsuranceCSI1More Information
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[ D ]
Dental Assisting (Levels I and II)DAS3More Information
Developmental Services WorkerDSW1More Information
Developmental Services Worker (Accelerated)DSW5JMore Information
Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track)DSW4More Information
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[ E ]
Early Childhood EducationECE1More Information
Early Childhood Education (Accelerated)ECE5JMore Information
Electrical Engineering Technician (Accelerated)ELN3More Information
Electrical Engineering Technology (Accelerated)ELY3More Information
Electrical TechniquesELT1More Information
Electromechanical Engineering Technician (Accelerated)EMN1More Information
Electronics Engineering Technician – Industrial ControlsEIC2SMore Information
Electronics Engineering Technology (Accelerated)ERY3More Information
Emergency TelecommunicationsEMT1More Information
EntrepreneurshipENP1More Information
Environmental TechnologyENT1More Information
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[ F ]
Fashion DesignDFS4More Information
Fashion MerchandisingFMC2More Information
Financial Planning Services (2010-11)FPS1More Information
Fine ArtFAS1More Information
Fine Art FoundationFAF1More Information
Fitness and Health PromotionFHP1More Information
Food and Nutrition ManagementFNM1More Information
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[ G ]
General Arts and Science – One YearGAP1More Information
GIS and Urban PlanningURP2More Information
Golf and Recreational Club ManagementGRM1More Information
Graphic DesignGRD1More Information
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[ H ]
Hair StylistHAS1WMore Information
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnicianMHT2WMore Information
Horticulture TechnicianHTN1More Information
Hospitality Management – Food and BeverageFBM3More Information
Hospitality Management – HotelHMT3More Information
Human Services FoundationHSF1More Information
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[ I ]
Interactive Media Design and ProductionIDP1More Information
Interior DecoratingITD1More Information
Interior DesignDIT3More Information
Internet Applications and Web Development Fundamentals (2010-2011)WDF1More Information
Internet Applications and Web DevelopmentIWD1More Information
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[ J ]
Journalism – BroadcastBRJ1More Information
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[ L ]
Landscape DesignDLS4More Information
Law and Security Administration – Private Security (2010-11)LAS4More Information
Law ClerkLCK1More Information
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[ M ]
Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Accelerated)MEN2More Information
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Accelerated)MEY2More Information
Mechanical Engineering Technician – Industrial MaintenanceMIM1SMore Information
Mechanical Technician – CNC/CAMMNC1SMore Information
Mechanical Techniques – CNCMQC1SMore Information
Media Theory and Production – Collaborative Degree/Diploma Program with UWOMTPMore Information
Medical Radiation TechnologyMRT1More Information
Motive Power Technician (Automotive) – (Accelerated)MTA4More Information
Motive Power Technician (Diesel) – (Accelerated)MTD4More Information
Multi Media Design and Production (2010-2011)MMD1More Information
Music Industry ArtsMIA2More Information
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[ N ]
Nursing (BScN Degree)NSG3More Information
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[ O ]
Office Administration – ExecutiveOAE3More Information
Office Administration – GeneralOAG1More Information
Office Administration – MedicalOAM3More Information
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[ P ]
ParamedicPAR2More Information
Personal Support WorkerPSW6More Information
Pharmacy TechnicianPTN1More Information
PhotographyPHT1More Information
Police FoundationsPFT1More Information
Police Foundations (Accelerated)PFT2WMore Information
Practical NursingPNG4More Information
Pre-Health SciencePHS1More Information
Pre-TechnologyPRT1More Information
Protection, Security and InvestigationPSI1More Information
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[ R ]
Recreation and Leisure ServicesRLD2More Information
Respiratory TherapyRST2More Information
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[ S ]
Science Laboratory TechnologySLT1More Information
Social Service WorkerSSW1More Information
Social Service Worker (Fast Track)SSW2More Information
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[ T ]
Theatre ArtsTHP1More Information
Tourism and TravelTTC3More Information
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[ W ]
Welding Techniques (Simcoe Campus)WTQ1JMore Information
Welding Techniques (St. Thomas Campus)WTQ1SMore Information

Popular Post-Secondary Programs (2 Years)

  • Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership       
  • Architectural Technology
  • Aviation Technician – Avionics Maintenance
  • Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Integrated Land Planning Technologies)
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology – Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Broadcasting – Radio
  • Broadcasting – Television
  • Business
  • Business (Co-op)
  • Business – Accounting
  • Business – Accounting (Co-op)
  • Business – Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Business – Finance
  • Business – Finance (Co-op)         
  • Business – Human Resources
  • Business – Insurance
  • Business – Insurance (Co-op)
  • Business – Marketing
  • Business – Marketing (Co-op)
  • Business – Payroll and Bookkeeping
  • Business – Payroll and Bookkeeping (Co-op)
  • Business – Purchasing
  • Business – Purchasing (Co-op)
  • Business Administration – Accounting
  • Business Administration – Human Resources
  • Business Administration – Leadership and Management
  • Business Administration – Marketing
  • Business Foundations
  • Child and Youth Worker (London Campus)
  • Child and Youth Worker (Woodstock Campus)
  • Child and Youth Worker (Fast Track)       
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Computer Programmer Analyst
  • Computer Systems Technician
  • Computer Systems Technology
  • Construction Carpentry Techniques
  • Construction Engineering Technician – Supervisor
  • Construction Engineering Technology (Management)
  • Contemporary Media: Theory and Production   
  • Culinary Management
  • Culinary Skills – Chef Training
  • Customer Service Fundamentals – Insurance
  • Dental Assisting (Levels I and II)
  • Developmental Services Worker              
  • Developmental Services Worker (Accelerated)
  • Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Education (Accelerated)              
  • Early Childhood Education (Fast Track
  • Electrical Engineering Technician (Accelerated)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Accelerated)               
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op Accelerated)
  • Electrical Techniques
  • Electromechanical Engineering Technician (Accelerated)              
  • Electronics Engineering Technician – Industrial Controls
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Technology
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fine Art               
  • Fine Art Foundation
  • Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Food and Nutrition Management
  • General Arts and Science – One Year
  • GIS and Urban Planning
  • Golf and Recreational Club Management
  • Golf and Recreational Club Management (Co-op)
  • Graphic Design
  • Hair Stylist
  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  • Horticulture Technician
  • Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage (Co-op)  
  • Hospitality Management – Hotel              
  • Hospitality Management – Hotel (Co-op)
  • Human Services Foundation
  • Interactive Media Design and Production
  • Interior Decorating
  • Interior Design
  • Internet Applications and Web Development
  • Journalism – Broadcast
  • Landscape Design
  • Law Clerk
  • Law Clerk (Co-op)
  •  Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Accelerated)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Co-op Accelerated)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Accelerated)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Co-op Accelerated)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician – Industrial Maintenance (2013/14
  • Mechanical Technician – CNC/CAM
  • Mechanical Techniques – CNC
  • Media Theory and Production – Collaborative Degree/Diploma Program with UWO
  • Medical Radiation Technology
  • Motive Power Technician (Automotive) – (Accelerated)
  • Motive Power Technician (Diesel) – (Accelerated)
  • Music Industry Arts
  • Nursing (BScN Degree)
  •  Office Administration – Executive
  • Office Administration – General
  • Office Administration – Medical
  •  Paramedic
  • Personal Support Worker (London Campus)
  • Personal Support Worker (Simcoe Campus)
  • Personal Support Worker (St. Thomas Campus)
  • Personal Support Worker (Tillsonburg Centre)
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Photography
  • Police Foundations
  • Police Foundations (Accelerated)
  • Practical Nursing (London Campus)
  • Practical Nursing (Woodstock Campus)
  • Pre-Health Science (London Campus)
  • Pre-Health Science (St. Thomas Campus)
  • Pre-Health Science (Simcoe Campus)
  • Pre-Health Science (Woodstock Campus)
  • Pre-Technology
  • Professional Financial Services
  • Protection, Security and Investigation
  •  Recreation and Leisure Services                              
  • Renewable Energies Technician (2013/14)
  • Respiratory Therapy 
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Social Service Worker (London Campus)
  • Social Service Worker (Fast Track)
  •  Theatre Arts
  • Theatre Arts – Technical Production
  • Tourism and Travel
  •  Welding Techniques (Simcoe Campus)

Popular Graduate Programs

  • 3D Animation and Character Design
  • Advanced Filmmaking
  • Artisanal Culinary Arts
  • Audio Post Production
  • Autism and Behavioural Science
  • Broadcast Journalism – Television News
  • Concierge Services – Guest Relations Specialist
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Game Development – Advanced Programming
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Interactive Media Specialist
  • International Business Management
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Marketing Management
  • Online Game Development
  • Paralegal
  • Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Financial Services
  • Project Management
  • Technical Costume Studies
  • Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary Media
Jamaica 2 Canada