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    FREE Assistance with School Admission & BASIC Visa Advice! Canada and the United States seek individuals (Fifth Formers, Sixth Formers, University Graduates and Others) who GENUINELY desire to STUDY & Work!

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  • Canada and the United States are ranked amongst the best countries!
  • I offer personalized services that are tailored to meet your needs, unlike the generalized large multi-national corporations with local branch offices offering a one-size-fits-all shotgun approach for Studying in any and all countries.
  • I offer a hassle-free experience by Coaching you through the entire process, while offering peace of mind and increased likelihood of success.
  • Humber College • Seneca College • Centennial College • Sheridan College • Fanshawe College • Conestoga College • Okanagan College • Langara College • College of the Rockies • Washington Adventist University • Andrews University • Other Top Schools in Canada and the United States
  • I am a trusted and accountable professional. I am a former Lecturer in Law at the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) and the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville.

  • Antonn Brown provides Educational & Career Counselling for Canada and the United States. He is the Official Representative and Agent of Several Universities and Colleges in Canada and the United States.
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