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  • When she was apart from him, she had an undeniable aching deep within her gut, as if she craved his presence, yearning to be with him.
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  • She glanced from Tanya to Elsa with disbelief registering on her face, Tell us. Lucas watched the red-head reach for Elsa again and his eyes flicked to Jason with an unspoken command, before settling back on this untouched beauty that was inches from his hand.

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  • She shouldn t be attracted to another man when she was engaged.
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    • He focused his irritated violet stare on her, You always were a persistent bitch, weren t you Celeste? She told him what had just happened and watched an expression of concern and something akin to guilt cross his features. We can find him faster if we go on it.
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      Miriam cracked the door open and shoved the papers at her.
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  • Valear could easily read his mind, whereas Lucas couldn t make sense with the little fragments he extracted from Valear.

  • Lucas, its just .unethical. oh please don't smile, I'll be lost she thought as the corners of his mouth twitched.
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    He turned and inhaled deeply, his nostrils filled with a familiar scent. She stripped off her clothes and crawled 161 Lietha Wards into bed without even bothering putting on pajamas. I didn t want you to leave, and yes, I watched.
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    I am a trusted and accountable professional. I am a former Lecturer in Law at the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) and the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville.

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  • She looked up at Elsa, 323 Lietha Wards who looked as surprised as she was.
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    He arched his head an inhaled deeply settling his piercing gaze on Elsa. She had difficulty keeping the tremor out of her voice and preventing the tears from falling again. He hadn t let anyone close to him since Celeste and he certainly didn t want to open that door again.

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    He released her instantly and with a painful roar slumped to the floor.

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  • How else are we supposed to get money to- She stopped and looked at Esther 81 Ruth Ann Nordin and Aaron who watched them with intense interest, especially Aaron who narrowed his eyes at her. It was all on her own desires that she succumbed to him. It must be different when you don't grow up with an alcoholic in the family, she thought.
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    She set the paper down in front of the other two. Sunlight poured through the windows and onto the women who whispered to each other and placed their hands over their children s eyes.

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